• Minimum age 10 years old
  • Must be in good health

Dive Safari Bunaken

The star shaped landmass of Sulawesi is located in central Indonesia and east of Borneo. It offers a wide range of contrasting dive sites, all of which are easily accessible. North Sulawesi includes the Bunaken Marine Park which consists of 5 different islands. The topography here includes plunging wall drop off’s, overhangs and reef slopes. The visibility is generally very good and you can expect long relaxing dives back-dropped by colourful seascapes.

East of Sulawesi the Bangka and Gangga Islands have soft coral pinnacles and branching corals in abundance. The black sand slopes of the Lembeh Strait are home to a wealth of rare critters ideal for people with a passion for photography. Widely considered one of the top macro muck diving locations in the world!

Our recommendation for diving in North Sulawesi is to take a safari style itinerary throughout the region featuring a range of the marine environments on offer. Itineraries can last from anywhere between 8 and 21 nights and can be tailored to suit. Combine walls, pinnacles, sand slopes and wrecks to your trip without the need to travel long distances. A day out of the water is recommended to see Sulawesi topside. The Minahasa Highlands comprise of a number of active volcanoes with stunning vistas out to the neighboring islands alongside lakes and traditional townships.


Tongkaina - Bunaken Manado 95244
North Sulawesi - Indonesia
+6285 2422 20758 (Hunting)


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