Duration: 4 Days

Dive: 4

Theory: 5 Moduls

Maximum Depth: 18 Meters


  • Minimum age 10 years old
  • Must be in good health


  • Lunch and drink served at restaurant during the course
  • Full set of equipment
  • nstructions explained in English, Japanese, or Bahasa
  • Pool session for practicing dive skills
  • 4 dives in the ocean
  • Dive crew to carry the diving equipment and tank
  • All amenities: toilet, shower, towel
  • Free Wifi
  • Open Water Manual Book with PIC card
  • Oxygen Kit and First Aid available on site
  • Log book

Padi Open Water Course

The Open Water course is the first dive course to get a real license. The course takes about four days and starts almost immediately in the water. You learn how to use the equipment and do a few simple exercises. After the first pool session and basic information on dive safety, we take you to make your first dive.
Then the pace is up to you, because after that you must read the fluently written Open Water manual and take the tests after each chapter. You will also be required to take some multiple choice tests and an exam which you will discuss afterward with your instructor, to make sure that you have understood all important information. With your instructor, you will then plan your remaining pool dives and three open water dives.


Tongkaina - Bunaken Manado 95244
North Sulawesi - Indonesia
+6285 2422 20758 (Hunting)


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